Factory Acceptance Test Success for Warom, in Collaboration with JGC Indonesia and Jadestone Energy (Lemang) Pte. Ltd., on the EPCI Akatara Gas Processing Facility Project.

China, July 2023 – In a significant milestone for the EPCI Akatara Gas Processing Facility Project, Warom and Sahabat Energi Persada (SEP), a leading provider of explosion-proof electrical products, has successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). 

The EPCI Akatara Gas Processing Facility Project aims to enhance gas processing capabilities, contributing to the sustainable development of Indonesia’s energy sector.

The Factory Acceptance Test is a crucial step in the project’s progress, ensuring that the equipment meets the specified requirements and functions seamlessly within the intended environment. Sahabat Energi Persada (SEP) commitment to delivering high-quality, explosion-proof electrical products played a pivotal role in achieving this milestone.

Mr. Teguh Prasetio, spokesperson for Sahabat Energi Persada (SEP), expressed enthusiasm about the successful completion of the Factory Acceptance Test, stating, “We are proud to collaborate with Warom on the EPCI Akatara Gas Processing Facility Project. The successful Factory Acceptance Test underscores our dedication to providing reliable and safe electrical solutions for the energy industry.”

As the project moves forward, the collaboration between Sahabat Energi Persada (SEP), JGC Indonesia, and Jadestone Energy remains integral to the successful implementation of the EPCI Akatara Gas Processing Facility. The partners are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility throughout the project’s execution.

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