Portofolio SEP (SANTI Group) – Delivery cable ladder for PT. Wika Rekayasa Konstruksi

SEP (SANTI Group) sent a cable ladder to PT. Wika Rekayasa Konstruksi for PLTU Pangkalan Susu dan Belawan as a significant step forward for the construction and industrial sectors, Wika’s state-of-the-art cable delivery ladder system has been launched by a leading manufacturer, promising to revolutionize cable management practices worldwide. The breakthrough design overcomes longstanding challenges in cable routing, installation and maintenance, making it a game changer for various industries.

Key Features of the Next Generation Shipping Cable Ladder :

Modular Design: The new cable ladder system offers a highly adaptable and modular design, allowing for easy adjustment and flexibility during installation. It empowers construction professionals, data center managers, and other industrial users to customize cable routing solutions to their specific needs.

Lightweight Yet Strong Construction: The cable delivery ladder incorporates advanced materials that strike the perfect balance between strength and weight. This innovation ensures easy handling during transport and installation while providing unmatched durability to support heavy cable loads.

Enhanced Cable Protection: With integrated cable management accessories, such as bend radius controls and cable clamps, this system ensures optimal protection for cables and wires, minimizing the risk of damage and increasing overall safety.

Time- and Cost-Effective Installation: Thanks to its easy-to-use assembly, cable delivery ladders significantly reduce installation time and labor costs. This breakthrough has the potential to streamline construction projects and accelerate data center deployment, benefiting businesses and industries that rely heavily on efficient infrastructure setups.

Sustainable Materials: Emphasizing environmental awareness, the manufacturer has used eco-friendly materials in the production of shipping cable ladders, in harmony with global sustainability goals and environmentally responsible practices.

Industry Experts Praise the Innovation :

Experts and professionals from the construction, data center and industrial sectors have expressed their enthusiasm for this game-changing product. They believe that the new cable delivery ladder will change the way cables are managed, ensuring higher productivity, increased safety, and cost savings throughout the project.

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